Up close and personal

Cee has set a great black and white challenge this time: macros. I love the way a photo changes when I zoom way, way in, and the way it changes when I switch from colour to black and white.

A cliffside garden near Bondi Beach.

A cliffside garden near Bondi Beach.

The image above was inspired by the shallow focus photos of Elina over at Capturing Little Moments. One of the great things about blogging, I’ve found, is that it has exposed me to new ways of taking photographs. It’s also made me realise that I need a better camera! (To see the non-macro, colour version of this image, click here. The plant I zoomed on is outlined in yellow.)

Chocolate! Sparkling wine! Together at last!

Chocolate! Sparkling wine! Together at last!

A meal and a drink, all in one! You get a better idea of how much fun this is in this video (colour).
Yes, I know, I’m easily amused. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Up close and personal

  1. I really like both photos. I watched that video also, simply awesome! I need to try it out 🙂 The first photo is so lovely, I really like the little net on the plant. The shallow focus is just perfect and black and white fits this photo so well. And, I can’t believe you are mentioning me here Elizabeth 🙂 Thank you, I am humbled.


    • Elizabeth Krall says:

      I’m glad you liked the video, I just couldn’t resist capturing what was going on in that glass! Thank you for your compliment about the shallow focus. I don’t have much success with the technique by manually adjusting the aperture of my camera (it’s really not designed for shots like this!), but I’ve found I can replicate it with a big zoom from some distance away. I didn’t even see the little net on the plant until I opened the image in Photoshop!


    • Elizabeth Krall says:

      Yes, I found it myself, I had to do some hunting to track down the B&W challenge! Worth it, though, as this was a great theme.


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