The $10 photo

Inspired by the stunning coastal evening/sunset photos that Lignum Draco has posted recently, after work this evening I walked down to the cliffs along the ocean. The evening was warm and the rocks still carried the heat of the day’s sun. A cruise liner leaving Sydney glittered white against the darkening sky as it emerged from behind the bulk of Ben Buckler at the north end of Bondi Beach. There are worse ways to wind down after a stressful day at work! However, the sunset in that direction just wasn’t happening, so I walked down to Clovelly.

Looking south from Clovelly, with the lights of Coogee and Maroubra in the distance.

Looking south from Clovelly, with the lights of Coogee and Maroubra in the distance. (Click for larger image)

And if you’re wondering why I titled this “The $10 photo” … as I turned away from the water, I pulled my camera case from the pocket of my shorts, and heard the faint sound of something falling to the ground. Yes, it was the $10 I had stuffed into that pocket. There was barely enough light to see where to step on the uneven clifftops, and a strong wind, so I had no hope of finding that tenner. Ah well, the evening was worth it! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The $10 photo

  1. This was taken from the other side of Clovelly Beach, so farther to fall if one does venture too close to the edge in the twilight! But, oh dear, I really do need a better camera. There’s just so much noise in this shot, and the rocks have very little detail. 😦


    • Elizabeth Krall says:

      It’s not generally extremely hot in Sydney — about 15C (60F) during the day in winter, and high 20s to low 30s (80-90F) during the summer. I don’t consider that hot, but then I’m the one who has no intention of ever moving back to Canada because it’s too cold! But yes, you’re right, Sydney is beautiful.


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