In search of an angel

I spent last evening in a cemetery. An odd way to fill two hours after work on a Wednesday, I grant you. But it was a lovely summer evening, and I wanted to find a particular angel memorial. I thought I knew where it was. I was wrong, as it turned out! I didn’t find the memorial, and I ran out of daylight because I kept stopping to take photos. The dramatic sunset was an unexpected photographic bonus.

(click any image in this gallery to see full size)


13 thoughts on “In search of an angel

    • That is exactly the one I was looking for. I’ve been through that cemetery dozens of times, and I can’t believe I’ve never noticed a “larger than life, bloodsucking archangel” — as I think his post referred to it somewhere. But I shall find it!
      I’m glad you like the photos. Processing the raw files is a lot more work, but the difference can be incredible.


      • Blood sucking? You must have vampires on your mind. 🙂

        There are visual clues in my photos locating this memorial. If you need directions I will tell you, but I suspect the journey there will yield fruitful photography in the meantime. In any case you’ve learnt an important lesson already – always shoot raw.


        • “Vampires on my mind” – well, at the moment I am on my balcony (strongest signal!), downloading 2GB of Photoshop CC so I can process raw files at home rather than at work, under a near-full moon with bats thrashing in the trees. Very vampire-esque! 😉 No directions, please; the phone lines and palm tree in your photos are indeed clues, and I would have found the ‘vampire’ last evening if I hadn’t run out of light. No, on the weekend I shall pack a lunch, a GPS and a very large memory stick, and find me a vampire!


  1. Wonderful photos Elizabeth, very nicely done! I’m glad you didn’t remove the helicopter, I think it is so cool there and makes the photo more unique. Congrats on starting to shoot raw! 🙂


    • Thanks Elina. The full size version of the one with the helicopter is extremely cool (if I say so myself); you can’t really see the effects of the raw processing in these small ones.


  2. I have dabbled with RAW files, but never found the time to spend on the processing – maybe it is something I should look at again. All your photos are lovely, but I especially like the first two. Waverley cemetery huh? Is it easy to get to? It looks like the kind of place I’d like and I will be in Sydney one day!!
    Jude xx


    • I agree with you about the time it takes to process the RAW files! Impressive results, but I’m not sure I want to sacrifice other things in order to edit photos. The cemetery is very easy to get to (especially for me as I live very near!), and the coast path from Bondi to Coogee runs along the front. I definitely recommend it. In fact I’ve just come back from my Saturday excursion to find this memorial — which I did, but now I’ve got dozens more RAW files to deal with!


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