Old postboxes, Sydney General Post Office.

It’s in the post

In our age of instant tweets, emails and blogs, Instagram and Messenger and Jabber, it’s nice to occasionally be reminded of a slower time, when people communicated with each other by letters. These postboxes are at the old General Postal Office, Sydney, and still in use.


One of the figures on the Cenotaph in Martin Place, Sydney.

Anzac Day

2014 marks 100 years since the beginning of “the war to end all wars”.

Next year will mark 100 years since the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I: they landed on Gallipoli on this day, 25 April, in 1915.

25 April was officially named Anzac Day as long ago as 1916. It is still observed now, with pride by some, with sorrow by others, with indifference by a great many more. As with Easter or Christmas, the Queen’s Birthday or Labour Day — all official Australian holidays — the significance has generally been diminished and it has become little more than a extra day off work.

Yet thousands of people will have set their alarms for 4am or 5am  this morning in order to be at the Sydney Cenotaph for the Dawn Service. Hundreds of others, such as the members of the various pipe bands that mass for the service and march throughout the morning, will have woken even earlier. They will all have stood in silence on a pedestrianised thoroughfare overlooked by looming glass-sided office towers, as a grey dawn broke and wind drove rain into their faces — and they held their private thoughts.


Here’s looking at you

I’ve just returned from a week in Far North Queensland, where there is no shortage of critters willing to bite, sting, poison or eat you. Luckily, these salt-water crocs were more interested in topping up their tans than in eating me for lunch.

This handsome devil is known as "Scarface" -- for obvious reasons.

This handsome devil is known as “Scarface” — for obvious reasons.

Too young to have been named yet, this little guy is about as close as a saltie gets to being cute.

Too young to have been named yet, this little guy is about as close as a saltie gets to being cute.



Travel Album: Brisbane Breakaway

I went up to Brisbane last Friday for a work event, and stayed on for the weekend. That’s not a lot of time to see a city, but I had an enjoyable break nonetheless. Seems like a good candidate for Travel Photo Mondays.

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A night at the opera

Opera on the Harbour, that is! The weather last night was perfect for an outdoor opera, with clear skies and warm temperatures. The only challenge is the harbour itself: Sydney Harbour glitters at night and competes for your attention.

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