A night at the opera

Opera on the Harbour, that is! The weather last night was perfect for an outdoor opera, with clear skies and warm temperatures. The only challenge is the harbour itself: Sydney Harbour glitters at night and competes for your attention.

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11 thoughts on “A night at the opera

    • I am waiting for La Boheme, I admit! Though I enjoyed Butterfly much more than Traviata two years ago. I think a large part of the draw is the unusualness of the setting and venue, and we were certainly lucky with the weather on the night we went.


      • That’s what makes me admire them – the risk factor !
        Very sorry to hear the Traviata was no good: Verdi is loved by this old operamaniac equally with Puccinu, of course …


        • Oh, the Traviata was good, sets and singing and music: I apologise to all involved for giving the opposite impression! It’s just I, personally, am not a Verdi fan. Traviata has too many long stretches of the soprano bemoaning her fate, on stage by herself. But at least at ‘opera on the harbour’, one can find other things to pay attention to during less favoured passages. 😉


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