Get the shot

blue pens on a blue carpet in front of a blue door

At work yesterday, we needed a quirky photo to illustrate a financial adviser dealergroup called Affinia (don’t ask why). This photo is one of the ideas we had. Check out the carpet texture — blurred in the foreground, crisp by the in-focus pen. Yes, you know how I got that shot: lying on the carpet.

The strange thing is that I work for a life insurance company with 1,000+ people in the building. We weren’t on our own floor (different carpet, no blue doors) so the people nearby didn’t know us — yet no one batted an eyelid at the sight of a middle-aged woman in office clothes lying on the floor to take photos of pens piled against a door! There were no curious glances, no questions, and people walking past detoured around me on the flooor.

Who ever said insurance was boring?

6 thoughts on “Get the shot

  1. Great result, Elizabeth ! I wish I could lie on the floor. Last time I was able to do that was in the mid ’80s: thereafter my back started playing up, and now the only surface I can lie on is my damned adjustable bed ! Be grateful for small mercies, m’dear. 🙂


  2. Cool shot! I have no problems getting down on to the floor, but I’d need help getting back up again! Obviously people in your building aren’t in the least bit curious 😀


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