Palm tree by moonlight

Palm tree by moonlight 1
We had wonderfully clear skies here in Sydney around the recent full moon. I took these photos from my balcony as the moon passed behind a palm tree.

Palm tree by moonlight 2


9 thoughts on “Palm tree by moonlight

  1. I say, Elizabeth ! – what marvellous shots ! I like the first one best, because of the other leafage (or whatever it’s called) that’s there as well: they two kinds go amazingly well together. 🙂


    • If ‘leafage’ is not a word, I think it should be! Both of the leafages (note plural) are the same tree: the palm fronds are obvious, and the shiner bits to the upper left are the dried fruit bunches. They look more mysterious by moonlight. 😉


      • Wow ! – never occurred to me ! D’ohhh …
        Well, it’s a ripper, anyway ! – regardless of leafage. 😉


      • Thanks! I quite like it too.
        I’ve got quite a collection of moon pics, most of them in dodgy focus. 😦 I love my camera, but the zoom just isn’t up to this subject.


      • Well … if they look anything like that one, I wouldn’t worry for half a nanosecond, if I were you.
        And if you love your camera, for the sake of every god we ever dreamed up, DON’T UPGRADE !!!


  2. Number two for me! Lovely silhouette. Funny I forget that we both see the same moon on opposite sides of the world! Woke this morning to the dawn chorus when it was barely daylight and saw a very orange moon curiously hidden by the mist. I should have made an effort to capture it, but it was only 4:10 am.


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