A twist on lunch

I have become addicted to the vegemite cheese twists sold in the supermarket across the road from my office. I am not the only one, judging from the empty basket in the ‘serve yourself’ bakery section that dashes my hopes at least half of the time I want to buy one.

Look at this lovely, crispy, flaky golden pastry, its two strands lovingly entwined; admire those bubbles of melted cheese, the darkened scrapes of baked vegemite.

Who could resist? Not me.

Vegemite cheese twist

But I really do have to stop eating my photo props!

15 thoughts on “A twist on lunch

  1. I found cheese twists in Coles – don’t recall the brand. I bought them as a pre-lunch snack for a friend’s visit. Bloody wish I hadn’t !!! [grin]


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