In the groove

Tom Ward, Vivid, Sydney, 2014-05-28

Tom Ward, Vivid, Sydney
Split Second: 28/05/2014 – 7:20:24 PM

This photograph captures a split second in a performance by Tom Ward. His hands are usually a blur and his head is usually bowed over his guitar, but in this one moment one he seems lost in contemplation: in the groove.

Tom Ward is a musician I have often seen playing on the streets of Sydney. I was lucky enough to come across him on Wednesday evening in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, playing for the crowds who had come out in the unusually warm evening weather to watch this year’s Vivid light festival.

To see this very talented guitarist in action, check out this YouTube video of him playing at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh.

15 thoughts on “In the groove

  1. TERRRIFIC shot, Elizabeth ! – you must have been totally chuffed with it. I know nothing of him, and must find out more …


  2. Nice one! I shall have to look this guy up. The OH is a guitarist and I am always looking for new music to buy for him. What sort of music does he play?


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