1 Day 1 World Project: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

balcony flowers gum tree wine candle

1 Day 1 World: 7:11pm, Sydney.

After a few hours spent wrestling with a villain, or just unwinding after a day at work, this is where I like to be.

This post is called Chillin’ for two reasons. One is that this is where I chill out, and the other is that now that Sydney is into winter it is indeed chilly on the balcony!

This post is my contribution to the excellent 1 Day 1 World Project (7:00pm – 8:00pm). It’s a fascinating example of how our blogs can bring us all closer together.

man surf bodysurf Bronte beach

Suspended – between earth and sky

Just for a moment, these people hang between earth and sky, touching nothing. Gravity being what it is, though, you know they’ll come crashing down!

(I thought it was time for more colour and fun, after my last two rather sombre black-and-white posts.)

Here is another photo of the acrobats – she is standing on one foot on his hands!

Sydney GPO clock

du temps perdu

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There are so many sayings and quotations about Time that it was difficult to choose only a few for this post, so I limited it to ones I thought I could illustrate with a photo. (To see the words, hover your mouse over an image.)

Come closer

corridor arches black white dark mystery Cortile Intercontinental
You hear the echo of footsteps behind you — or do they come from in front of you? Who lies in wait in the shadows at the end of this room? A lover, an enemy, a friend, or perhaps no one? Could it all be in your imagination? It is a mystery, which you can solve only if you dare to come closer.

I hope you will forgive my foray into fantasy for the caption of this photo. Its shadowy recesses seem to me to be full of menace and threat.

If you have noticed the graininess of this image, and wondered about it — well, blame Max Dupain. He was one of Australia’s foremost photographers, and the treatment of my photograph was inspired by this photograph in an exhibition I saw on Sunday.

(BTW, if you are curious about where I shot this, it is the second floor of The Cortile in the Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney.)



A splash of colour on a wet, gloomy day

pink and white mini gerbera
After a delightful run of unseasonably warm autumnal weather, winter has arrived in Sydney with a steady drizzle and dropping temperatures. I stopped at a local greengrocer on the way home and saw these small gerberas. They are only a few centimetres across but their cheerful pink-and-white exuberance was a lovely sight on a winter evening, when the sun has set by 5pm. Isn’t it interesting how enormous this little flower appears when shot as a macro?