royal albert tea cups

One lump or two?

Ah, afternoon tea! It makes me want to put on a posh English accent, and perhaps ride to hounds. This is afternoon tea at the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in downtown Sydney. Check out the chandeliers: installed in January this year, they apparently cost A$900,000. As this article says, that’s a lot of tea and scones. (BTW, contrary to the impression these photos give, the room was quite full.)

(Apologies for the quality of these images. I didn’t have my ‘real’ camera, and was limited to what I could do in the way of lighting, focus, and processing.)

17 thoughts on “One lump or two?

  1. You should probably apologise MORE, Elizabeth ! – I mean, Devon arvo tea without your best canera equipment ? Good heavens, woman !
    I have been given a thermal cooker for my birthday, which they tell me makes terrific scones: I will be testing this thesis on the weekend !! 🙂


  2. Cucumber sandwiches, salmon sandwiches? And there really should be more cakes! Terribly quaint though – and so much more appealing when this takes place outside of England 🙂 And what a lovely way to celebrate a birthday! Although I detest tea ;(


    • I think one sandwich was cucumber and the other cheese (vegetarian option). Plus two small warm savoury tartlets. As for cakes, I think there were five, including a macaron, which I left, forlorn and adrift on an empty three-tiered silver stand. I detest macarons as much as you detest tea. 😉


    • I always put the jam on first, cuz I find that it’s harder to spread jam over cream than vice versa. Weighty issues, indeed. But since I don’t take milk in my tea, I am spared the milk first/milk last conundrum!


      • That’s the Cornish way, but actually if you use really thick (i.e. clotted cream) it makes the taste more appealing to put the jam on top 😉

        Try it next time!


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