Happy Champagne Day!

Be sure to raise a glass on 24 October to this most delectable of tipples.


Happy Champagne Day!

 (I’m not sure about the crazy colours in these photos, but there’s no time to take new shots and still post on Champagne Day itself.)

Champagne Day Update

The members of the Champagne Club where I work marked the day in style.

champagne day

That is not my photo, it’s from a colleague’s iPhone. Here is what the ‘In Session’ card says (I did make the logo and sign):

in session

6 thoughts on “Happy Champagne Day!

  1. Champagne Day? Are you kidding me? My best friend’s birthday too, so I shall raise a glass! (Does it have to be REAL champagne?) Oh, and I love the header photo 🙂 Cool bubbles…


    • Indeed, apparently 24 October is “Global Champagne Day”. I’m sure it’s only a marketing ploy, but I like it. 🙂 These two pics are not, alas, of real champagne, but the sparkling wine is at least French.
      I’m glad you like the header shot. The big one is a bit of a horror, though the bubbles show well. I should have named the post “Boredello Bubbly”. 😉

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