Psycho thriller, qu’est-ce que c’est?

In Your Sights by Elizabeth Krall

In Your Sights is a psychological thriller. A key theme of the novel is photo blogging, and the way we bloggers make friends with people we never actually meet; the way anyone can post anything, for the world to see. How would you feel if you stumbled across a photo of yourself on a stranger’s blog? How would you feel if you found two?

Confession: I wrote In Your Sights. It will be released in December this year. The Daily Post ‘cover art’ challenge was too good a fit to pass up!

The cover is based on a photo I took in August 2013 (unedited original below), at an art exhibition in an old industrial space in Sydney. Those bright pink cones are actually the tops of large pyramids of multi-coloured candies.

art exhibit, Cockatoo Island, Sydney 2013

And if you’re still reading — the title of this post is a take on a line from the classic Talking Heads’ song Psycho Killer.


18 thoughts on “Psycho thriller, qu’est-ce que c’est?

    • I suspect there are better reasons for rediscovering reading than my wee opuses, but thank you for the thought. I’m getting terrific feedback from my ‘beta readers’ for this novel — but, as you know yourself, that doesn’t necessarily translate into sales!


      • Oh, as for sales, they mean nothing to me. It’s my publishers who are losing money, not me; and serve ’em bloody well right.
        All I want is for people to read the book and learn about Chic.
        Different for you, as it’s you who’s had the outlay.


        • I’ve had no outlay. Well, that’s not strictly true: I paid $20 for the cover image I used on ‘Too close’, but the sales of 8 books covered that. However, it costs nothing to get a book on Amazon, Createspace (the paperbacks) and Smashwords (distributors to B&N, Apple, Sony, etc). Believe me, if I was significantly out of pocket, I wouldn’t be doing this!


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