Poolside – 1

poolside edit 1

This photograph is my entry for week 1 of the One Four Challenge. The premise behind this intriguing new challenge, hosted by Robyn, is to process the same photo four different ways.

Robyn asks that we talk about the photo, so … the original (click the thumbnail below to view it larger) was taken 2014-09-19 at The Byron at Byron Bay, which is a resort I stayed at. You can see a few other photos from that resort here.

I do all my photo processing in Photoshop CC. To get the look for this edit, I processed the RAW file with the following settings:

  • saturation: reds, oranges, yellows, aquas, blues, purples and magentas = -100; greens = +100
  • high noise reduction
  • bumped up exposure
  • contrast at +100
  • shadows at -100
  • blacks at -70
  • clarity at +100
  • vibrance at +80
  • saturation at -50

poolside thumbnail
(click thumbnail to see original)

28 thoughts on “Poolside – 1

  1. joaquim@barros says:

    Very beautiful result Elisabeth! I love the sobriety of the achromatic of the sala and the nice contrast it makes with the green colour. I wonder if the result would be the same if the plant on the sala was not of that type 🙂


    • Thank you Joaquim. I like the contrast of the almost black/white and the green, especially with the blown out highlights and intense blacks. I was very pleased with the final result! You make a good point about the type of plant; I think its vertical spikiness adds some structural interest.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the selective colour of the green and the strong contrast. My only other comment would be to selectively remove the green from the pool, to me this is a bit distracting. but as always personal taste.


    • >Look forward to seeing what you do next.
      Yeah, me too! 😉 I was so pleased when I saw the result of this edit, I’m not sure where to go with it next.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  3. lensaddiction says:

    The green and white toning works really welll but my brain kept hiccuping that the line of the pool wasnt straight, it seems to tilt up a bit to the right just enough to register. It might be an oddity to do with the lines of the pool cos the black pergola at the top of the image seems straight but the white tiles its standing on dont. Odd 🙂


      • lensaddiction says:

        But the pergola doesn’t at the top of the image, not quite sure how it works that way. I am a bit sensitive to uneven horizons but this has my brain in hiccups 😀


        • It might just be the perspective. Try copying the full size original to your computer and (assuming you use Photoshop or something else with guides) drag guides from the top and check what’s level. The top of the pergola is actually slightly lower on the left; the white slabs on which the plant is resting is quite a bit lower on the left; the only thing that is almost level is the reflection of the white slabs at the edge of the infinity pool.


          • lensaddiction says:

            Yes I suspect it is a perspective thing, that line of the pool coming up from the left is what throws it out I think. It definately feels like it should be tilted down a bit on the right to me but if I am the only one commenting then its probably just me LOL


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