Poolside – 2

This photograph is my entry for week 2 of the One Four Challenge. The premise behind this intriguing new challenge, hosted by Robyn, is to process the same photo four different ways.

I’ve gone for something completely different this week — from harsh and monochromatic in week 1, to soft and dreamy now. Some people commented that my first edit reminded them of images in interior design magazines; to me, this one is right out of a wedding magazine (without bride!).

To get this look, I knocked clarity way down; bumped up vibrance, exposure, highlights and whites; increased noise reduction; decreased luminance in greens and aquas; added blue to shadows and highlights.

Below are snapshots of week 1 and week 2 for comparison, and you can see the original here.


25 thoughts on “Poolside – 2

  1. This is another gorgeous edit. Another real ‘design’ image – perhaps its the image itself. Love the smoothness and the beautiful turquoise colours just shine!
    The plant reflection is fabulous!
    Such a contrast compared to last week. Wonderful!!


  2. lensaddiction says:

    Wow this second one is quite different, the blue on my screen is really really bright aqua which is a bit disturbing 🙂


    • I don’t doubt it! As I said to Carrie in reply to her comment: “I wish I could see the image on people’s screens, as it looks very different on my laptop at home (where I processed it), and on my Mac and PC at work. I think we’re all seeing slightly different images!”


      • lensaddiction says:

        Yes the joys of uncalibrated monitors. Mine have been but one of them the blues shifted a bit into the aqua tonings for some reason and thats why it looks extra startling for me 🙂

        The point of the exercise was to process the images in different ways and you have certainly achieved that 🙂

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