Poolside – 3

This photograph is my entry for week 3 of the One Four Challenge. The premise behind this intriguing new challenge, hosted by Robyn, is to process the same photo four different ways.

This time, I’ve gone for the ‘distressed old snapshot’ look. To achieve this, I applied a number of adjustment layers to the jpg in Photoshop: levels, black and white, colour balance, a gradient fill. Then I added some dust and scratches on top to give it that authentic “laying in a drawer for 20 years” look.

Below are snapshots of weeks 1 to 3 for comparison, and you can see the original here.


23 thoughts on “Poolside – 3

    • I don’t mind the question at all, but nor do I understand it! I confess I have no idea what “analog or perfect effects” refer to, so I had to Google the terms. I think they are software, eg Nik Analog Efex? If that’s what you mean, I used neither. This look was achieved using just Photoshop and making various adjustments within it.

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      • yes, you’re right they are software that can be used with Photoshop filters. They have a selection of textures etc that you can use! Perfect effects I believe have the scratch and metal plate effects.Shortcuts!! You can do so much with photoshop alone of course!! It’s a lot of fun when you have the time to fiddle around which is what I did. Sometimes I don’t remember what I did.:D

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  1. You have most definitely managed to extract a third version, no doubt about it. Will we be voting ? – already I’m pretty sure which one is my favourite …


  2. Elizabeth, this is a fantastic ‘Retro’ rendition.
    It fits so perfectly with the scene and gives the 70s and 80s feel with the blue tiles, Mother-in-law’s tongue (hee hee) and the mission brown feel on the timber.
    I really like this number 3 version!


  3. lensaddiction says:

    I definately feel the old photo, been left out in the sun a bit by the looks of it. Nicely processed 🙂 Similar and yet different to the other too.


    • Good grief, I used to do that alt-code thing 20 years ago in Word. I’ll try to remember the next time I need accents.
      You’re right about the 70s magazine, I can just see men with loud patterned shirts, bouffy hair and thick moustaches lounging at the bar! 😉


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