Poolside – 4


This photograph is my entry for week 4 of the One Four Challenge. The premise behind this intriguing new challenge, hosted by Robyn, is to process the same photo four different ways.

In the words of Monty Python, “And now for something completely different!” I call this one the Purple X-ray, and I know it won’t be to everyone’s taste. This look is the result of adjustment layer on top of adjustment layer in Photoshop: invert (swap light and dark); channel mixer and hue/saturation (to adjust amount of r, g, b to get the purple and grey look); shadows and highlights to get the strong white background to the trees; vibrance; levels to darken the pot, cushions and reflection.

I like how the leaves in the trees have an almost painted quality. The spiky plant looks to me like flames shooting upwards.

Here are all four processing variations, plus the original:

Got a favourite? Let me know!


I had two other processes that, in the end, I decided not to include officially. It was a real toss-up for week 4 between the Purple X-ray and the Solarized version. The Andy Warhol take was just a bit of fun!


26 thoughts on “Poolside – 4

  1. This weeks Purple XRay is my favourite!!
    So creative and interesting and those lovely leaves have a soft design quality. Love it 😀
    Youve had fun – it shows!


  2. I voted for the original, not because I don’t like other versions. All versions are so great and fun, in all honesty I couldn’t pick which i liked most. But I must admit that all your experiments just accentuated the quality of the original image.


    • Thank you so much, what a lovely thing to say! In contrast, I find that the experiments make the original seem rather dark and dull. But that’s the great thing about this challenge — it prompts us to consider our photos in ways we had not thought of.

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  3. I love love purple x ray!! I enjoyed seeing the other processes as well that you didn’t include- Any Warhol style!! Yet I’m torn, as the first image is still a most outstanding as is!!


  4. I can’t believe how much variation you were able to get out of this image, I really like week 2 when I look at all the images together, the painted purple leaves from this week’s process are really spectacular too. I have enjoyed your process each week.


  5. lensaddiction says:

    Hey I really like your Purple Xray – your image has so much structure with all the straight lines and the big tub of Mother In Laws Tongue with all the vertical pointy shapes that this treatment works really well. Completely out there!


  6. The most interesting aspect of no. 4 is what the processing has done to the leaves above: now they look like flowers that I’ve seen in many photos … I like the polarized one a lot, Elizabeth !
    But the first, ‘magazine’ shot remains my favourite.


  7. Week 4 is out there, and quite fun,. It is amazing what it has done to the leaves and nearby shrubs. So full marks for experimenting and the Andy Warhol set is fun too! But I voted for Week 2 with its summery feel.


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