Playing with Fire

Vanuatu Fire Show

I saw an incredible fire show while on holiday in Vanuatu last week. This group of young people mesmerised us all with their dexterity and bravado. They performed just a few feet from the restaurant tables at my resort (Eratap Beach Resort). Here’s an interesting story about how the group was set up.

“Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele was the music for one of the pieces in the show (the photo above where the woman is twirling an umbrella of fire).


7 thoughts on “Playing with Fire

  1. Really cool photos. Well done. We did something like this in a night photo workshop I took, but we used flashlights 🙂 Ours only look cool in the photos, but I imagine the fire was really cool to watch live.
    (Visiting from Travel Photos Monday)


    • Thanks Rhonda. Luckily, the show was 30 minutes long so I had to time to experiment with settings. The show was actually HOT to watch live, not cool. 😉 When it flared up in big movements I could feel the heat.


    • Careful there M-R, think of your back! 😉
      Seriously, thank you. It took a few shots to get the settings right, and of course some processing to bring out the details, but I’m pleased with the end results.


      • Scarcely surprising … 🙂
        and you’re bloody right about the back: as well, on the very few occasions I’ve managed to kick out a cable under my desk and had to re-connect it, the actual kneeling is incredibly painful, as well !


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