cup of hot chocolate

16 thoughts on “Decadence in a cup

  1. la_lasciata says:

    You should be ashamed. I say that as one feeling virtuous about what she is (currently) ingesting. [grin]
    Beautiful photo. You’re getting quite good at this … [M-R ducks]


    • Virtue was never my strong point. I don’t “do” xmas myself, but I do embrace the excuse for gluttony. 😉
      BTW, the pic was taken in May, when it actually was almost chilly enough to relish hot chocolate. I just couldn’t think of any other pic that fit this theme, and I wanted to test if WP really had fixed the matter of pingbacks not pinging back. (They have.)

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      • la_lasciata says:

        So we were ALL timing out ? – I wondered what the devil was going on … just not sufficiently with it to thing of pinging.
        Sighh …


        • I discovered on the last Weekly Photo Challenge I tried to participate in (gone but not forgotten, my candle pic) that the pingback failed, and then saw the notice from WP to the effect that they were having problems. I hadn’t participated in a while, but previously I’d had no problem. I saw the note today saying they’d fixed whatever was wrong, which in my case was due to my WP url using https (or so they told me). Perhaps yours also uses https not http?

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