Serenity at sea

“And if the wind is right you can sail away and find serenity.
Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see.”
– Christoper Cross, ‘Sailing’

Lord Nelson Indian Ocean

Just before dawn, Indian Ocean ‘Lord Nelson’

Sunrise, Indian Ocean  'Lord Nelson'

Sunrise, Indian Ocean ‘Lord Nelson’

The most serene time on a tall ship is just before dawn. The ship’s crew are all asleep, except for the duty watch and the officer of the watch. As the stars give way to the sunrise, you feel as if you are the only people in the world.

(I couldn’t decide which of these photos to use, so went with both.)


29 thoughts on “Serenity at sea

    • Thank you, Angela. If you click on the ‘sailing’ tag on my blog, you’ll find a few more photos with the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s two tall ships. Although I have photos going back to my first voyage in 1994, the majority are scans of prints from cheap cameras. Good for memories, but not so good for displaying!


    • I just visited your blog and read about that! I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time. Indeed, this ‘Nellie’ is the JST’s ship. If you click on the ‘sailing’ tag on my blog, you’ll find a number of photos with the JST ships. (Actually, I think you’ve already done that, now that I check the ‘likes’. Thanks!)

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    • That was the most extraordinary sunrise I’ve ever seen. The entire sky was streaked with pink and orange, the water seemed to glow orange with the reflections, and even the air was pink. Remarkable. We were somewhere between the islands of Rodrigues and Diego Garcia.


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