I need your help to identify this flower

Someone has planted clumps of this very pretty flower in the garden in front of my apartment building. (They’ve also planted two gigantic, rather scary-looking things that I feared might be triffids until the heads appeared and I realised they are sunflowers, but that’s another story.) Can anyone tell me what these are? Thanks!

Close up

Close up

Flowers, leaves, etc.

Flowers, leaves, etc.



14 thoughts on “I need your help to identify this flower

  1. Not too large for a balcony Elizabeth, I grow these in pots during the summer as they are such giving plants, they keep on flowering for months if you dead-head them. White and pale pink and double forms too! Grow them, you won’t have any regrets.


  2. Malakoff Mum says:

    Definitely cosmos. We have tons of them in the garden every summer. Next time you come they will either be in the ground or still in the flats waiting for you to plant them.


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