Into the depths of the ocean

Daily Post’s photo challenge this week is Depth — in my case, it’s the watery kind.

10 thoughts on “Into the depths of the ocean

    • I snorkel, not dive. The angle of the shot with the underwater divers does give them impression that I’m not on the surface, but it’s misleading. The snorkelling in Vanuatu was breathtaking, you should add a stopover to your itinerary the next time you come to Australia. 😉

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    • I was pleased to revisit the pics myself! The GBR snorkelling was quite choppy and I wasn’t always at ease in the fairly exposed ocean, but it’s interesting how you tend to forget that and reminder the highlights.


  1. M-R says:

    The coral don’t look all that hot, eh, Elizabeth …? Let’s hope there’ll be no more nonsense about dumping leftover crap next to the GBR …


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