There’s nothing like a mountain to make you feel small

Mountains have a great way of telling you just how insignificant you are in the scale of things.

23 thoughts on “There’s nothing like a mountain to make you feel small

  1. Beautiful images. I lived in Switzerland for a while as an au pair and had a view of Mont Blanc in the distance from my bedroom window. I shall never forget that.


    • I thought you might like these pics, Oh Venerable 1; I’ve noticed you’ve made a few mountain-praising comments in your time. I’m an ocean girl, not a mountain one, but having said that — Interlaken is one of the few places I would indeed go back to, and I’ve been twice already! Stunning, stunning place. I got in some fantastic walks.

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    • Are you referring to the shot with the ant people? (I assume you aren’t asking if I climbed the North Face of the Eiger, LOL!) The answer is ‘no I did not stay at the bottom’, I was up at the top too. In fact, the response to these pics has been so enthusiastic that I’ll be posting more later this week (probably the 10th), and one is of me at that railed viewing platform on Top of Europe. Check back if you like!

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