Lovely, luscious Limoncello

The theme for this week’s Sunday Stills is anything beginning with L; fortuitously, the base for my first batch of Limoncello was ready to be finished. I used this recipe to make it.


One organic, unsprayed lemon (from the tree of my friend Amanda) hangs suspended over pure vodka. (You’re supposed to use muslin or cheesecloth, but as you can see, I used an ‘anklet’ [washed! rinsed! never worn!].)


Let it sleep in a cool, dark place for a month. Well…it’s Sydney, it’s summer, I live in an apartment exposed on two sides to sun and wind, so “cool” was never an option. And I wanted to keep it somewhere that I could take an end photo without disturbing the condensation inside the jar. So I wrapped up the jar in a padded envelope and left it on a shelf.


The unveiling! Wow, look at the gorgeous yellow colour of the vokda after 28 days of alcohol condensation dripping over the lemon.


Add sugar syrup and the fresh zest of a scrubbed (ideally organic) lemon.


Serve chilled!

Comments on the recipe: If you decide to make this, I would recommend that you don’t add the sugar syrup until the fresh zest has steeped. I used half of the amount of syrup recommended (proportionally), and I still found it too sweet. Also, have extra lemons on hand in case you need to add more zest for extra lemony zing.

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