My new blog: Flowers by Kaz

Flowers by Kaz

Flowers by Kaz

I have decided to start another photo blog, one devoted to flowers (and plants, trees, gardens…). It’s called Flowers by Kaz. Catchy, eh? 😉 It looks rather sad and sparse now, but give it time!

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Misty winter mornings in Sydney

foggy morning Sydney

The rust-eaten rail of my balcony is silhouetted against the misty shapes beyond.

Being so close to the ocean, my neighbourhood often experiences misty mornings in the winter. Smothered in fog, the trees and houses become ghostly shapes. But the fog and mist are ephemeral, soon chased away by the rising sun.


Goodbye Elizabeth, Hello Karen

Call me Karen

I considered a number of titles for this post, including “R.I.P. Elizabeth Krall” but I was afraid that one might genuinely alarm a few people.

Confession: Elizabeth Krall is not my real name; it’s my pen name. When I began this photo blog in July 2013, I seriously considered using my real name, but I decided that if there was a chance using the EK persona would sell a book or two, I should use it. I have no way of knowing if anyone has bought a book based on this photo blog, but now that I’m pulling out of writing and self-publishing, the justification no longer exists.

So it’s time to say goodbye to Elizabeth and hello to Karen. (Actually, Elizabeth is my middle name and Krall is my mother’s maiden name, so Elizabeth Krall is not entirely fake.) I won’t be using my surname due to privacy concerns. I can’t do anything about the URL, though, so it will still be — and I think the name “Elizabeth Krall” will still be associated with my comments.

If you want to know more about the real me, check out the updated About Me page. And here is my new gravatar image, which you’ll start to see around WordPress.


Sorry for the confusion! (And if you still call me Elizabeth, that’s fine too.)

The sun also rises

Sydney, 20 March 2015, 6:38am

Sydney, 20 March 2015, 6:38am

I must apologise to Ernest Hemingway for nicking his title — but it is apt, in a way. I’m not a big fan of getting up, let alone getting up early, so the only time I see sunrises in Sydney is in the winter, when the sun gets up at the same time I do. As such, I do tend to forget that the sun doesn’t just set, it also rises. We are still in late summer, but for some crazy reason I woke up early today, alert and awake. Perhaps my subconscious knew the sunrise would be spectacular!

Hmm, maybe I should turn over a new leaf. Reset my alarm clock and greet the dawn of each fresh new day, coffee in one hand and camera in the other. Capture a full year of sunrises. Or maybe I should sleep on the idea …