The sun also rises

Sydney, 20 March 2015, 6:38am

Sydney, 20 March 2015, 6:38am

I must apologise to Ernest Hemingway for nicking his title — but it is apt, in a way. I’m not a big fan of getting up, let alone getting up early, so the only time I see sunrises in Sydney is in the winter, when the sun gets up at the same time I do. As such, I do tend to forget that the sun doesn’t just set, it also rises. We are still in late summer, but for some crazy reason I woke up early today, alert and awake. Perhaps my subconscious knew the sunrise would be spectacular!

Hmm, maybe I should turn over a new leaf. Reset my alarm clock and greet the dawn of each fresh new day, coffee in one hand and camera in the other. Capture a full year of sunrises. Or maybe I should sleep on the idea …


21 thoughts on “The sun also rises

  1. If sunrises are always like this then it is time that I started getting up early!!
    Wow! Love them all, but especially the decoration – such a great shot ❤


    • Isn’t it amazing how such a minor thing like that decoration can make an interesting photo? I don’t intend to make a habit of getting up for sunrises, LOL! But there is one sunrise that I will be getting up at 3:30am to see — the Grand Canyon, 11 June. I’m only there for one night and I’m not missing that sunrise!

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        • I’ll be staying in the Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim for one night. Where did you stay?
          I’m going to the US for a conference in Philadelphia, and have built a holiday around that – New Orleans, Santa Fe and Grand Canyon, plus visiting my parents near Toronto in Canada. A nice 3-week break! 🙂 I shudder at the thought of those hundreds (probably thousands!) of photos to deal with, though.


          • Sounds wonderful! We stayed at El Tovar, the historic hotel in the village before moving on to Page. Amazing sights! Would love to visit New Orleans too, but know nothing about Santa Fe. I shall look forward to your posts about these places on your return 😀


          • I’m staying at Maswik Lodge, part of a train package. It was an easy option, rather than having to sort out each leg individually. But I was thinking I might squeeze in a drink at El Tovar, in between ‘location scouting’ for the best sunrise/sunset spot. 😉

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      • YES! A sunrise only blog sounds wonderful. Even though I am not from Sydney, there is something ( “ephemeral”, “indescribable”… or perphaps..) totally intangible about the first photo that just shouts to me Australia! I couldnt even describe what it is, something in the atmosphere that shines thru the photos… and amidst the smog here I drink in these pics like a little girl lost counting down the days till I come home for hols ….. 🙂


        • The drawback to sunrises-only is the ungodly hour the damned things occur at in the summer. 😦 That China smog is dreadful, I feel for you. I coughed my way through Beijing (2002). Are you from Australia (not Sydney)?


          • I hear you about the time of sunrises 🙂 thats why i prefer sunset, lo.
            2002 the smog was bearable – now it is criminal, seriously worrying and dangerous. i deal with it by not thinking too much about it, and by not living in Beijing.
            yes I’m from Australia, not Sydney – Queensland – Brisbane/Redcliffe. 🙂


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