Goodbye Elizabeth, Hello Karen

Call me Karen

I considered a number of titles for this post, including “R.I.P. Elizabeth Krall” but I was afraid that one might genuinely alarm a few people.

Confession: Elizabeth Krall is not my real name; it’s my pen name. When I began this photo blog in July 2013, I seriously considered using my real name, but I decided that if there was a chance using the EK persona would sell a book or two, I should use it. I have no way of knowing if anyone has bought a book based on this photo blog, but now that I’m pulling out of writing and self-publishing, the justification no longer exists.

So it’s time to say goodbye to Elizabeth and hello to Karen. (Actually, Elizabeth is my middle name and Krall is my mother’s maiden name, so Elizabeth Krall is not entirely fake.) I won’t be using my surname due to privacy concerns. I can’t do anything about the URL, though, so it will still be — and I think the name “Elizabeth Krall” will still be associated with my comments.

If you want to know more about the real me, check out the updated About Me page. And here is my new gravatar image, which you’ll start to see around WordPress.


Sorry for the confusion! (And if you still call me Elizabeth, that’s fine too.)

10 thoughts on “Goodbye Elizabeth, Hello Karen

  1. Confused ME when I saw Karen / Elizabeth on your comment. But then I am easily confused. I just thought it was an error with the Krall bit. And I will probably slip into the Elizabeth at times 😉 How come you are quitting with the writing?


  2. A couple of times I’d put your “name” in inverted commas … but I got bored with doing that.
    I VERY HAPPY to be able to address you correctly, Karen: I really like to know bloggers’ names when I’m writing comments.
    Which, of course, I hardly ever do …


    • I thought you would like knowing my real name at last, M-R! But I’m used to seeing Elizabeth on the screen, and I think it will take me a while to not be surprised to see Karen.
      BTW I’ve just suspected, looking at your URL, that you have jumped blogs again. “Adjusting my background” is new to me. I’ll have to have a look.

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  3. Amanda Conroy says:

    I am excited by the name change Karen, as I found it hard to remember to use your pen name on the blog. Looking forward to the new cocktails? Maybe we can start a pop up bar?


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