Misty winter mornings in Sydney

foggy morning Sydney

The rust-eaten rail of my balcony is silhouetted against the misty shapes beyond.

Being so close to the ocean, my neighbourhood often experiences misty mornings in the winter. Smothered in fog, the trees and houses become ghostly shapes. But the fog and mist are ephemeral, soon chased away by the rising sun.


12 thoughts on “Misty winter mornings in Sydney

    • The photos are from June 2013 and August 2014, so no mist yesterday here in Bronte-by-the-Sea either. 😉 Though I was shocked to see the window condensation myself yesterday morning, a foul sign of impending winter. 😦

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      • Do you really hate it ? I suppose that’s what comes of living in Bronte. 🙂
        Me, I don’t mind it at all.


      • HATE winter (even what passes for winter here in Sydney). When my working life is over, I’m definitely heading farther north. I think Hawaii has the perfect climate, but not being American I think retiring there is not an option. 😉

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