Wishing I was back in Vanuatu

Eratap Beach Resort, Etafe,cabana

Eratap Beach Resort, on the island of Etafe. Each villa has its own thatched beach cabana.

After three days of torrential rain and gale force winds, of broken umbrellas and wet feet, of disrupted transport, fallen trees and floods, of a storm billed variously as “Sydney’s storm of the decade” or even (eek!) “Sydney’s storm of the century”, my thoughts turn longingly to the sunny tropical paradise of Vanuatu. Memories of my holiday there led, of course, to recollections of the devastation wrought on that island nation by the recent tropical storm, which put Sydney’s storm into perspective. But my mind turns to pleasanter times.

Outrigger canoe, Lelepa Island.

Outrigger canoe, Lelepa Island. The snorkelling here was astounding: calm clear water, healthy and vibrant coral, a myriad of colourful fish, all accessible from the beach.

Sunset, Eratap, Vanuatu

Sunset from my own stretch of beach.

8 thoughts on “Wishing I was back in Vanuatu

  1. The water in that second image is such a divine colour. It took my son and family 23 hours to return to Sydney from Perth the other day! Apparently the plane attempted to land twice then gave up and flew to Melbourne. Some very green passengers on that flight! Your weather really is becoming extreme.


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