Travel Album: Sailing in a Force 10 storm, Atlantic Ocean

'Tenacious', Force 10 storm, Atlantic Ocean April 2006.

On ‘Tenacious’ in a Force 10 storm, Atlantic Ocean April 2006. Note the spindrift (spray blown from the crests of waves by the wind), the flying rain, and the water surging onto the deck through the scuppers as the ship rolls.

The Beaufort  Wind Scale is used to describe wind intensity based on observed sea conditions. The scale ranges from 0 (calm) to 12 (hurricane), with Force 10 known as a storm. A 10 is characterised by a mean wind speed of 52kt (60mph) and waves with a probable height of 9m (29.5 ft). Sailing through such a storm in a tall ship, you are in no doubt of the force of nature.

Of course, winds of that ferocity do damage — to the ship, the sails and the crew.



19 thoughts on “Travel Album: Sailing in a Force 10 storm, Atlantic Ocean

  1. Now this is precisely WHY I am not a sailor. Great photos though and you were lucky to be on a ship named ‘Tenacious’, just imagine if it had been called ‘Timid’ 😀

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    • Ha! I think I’ve fooled a few people. 😉 Pics by Kaz is a rename of ‘Elizabeth Krall Photos’ and without any reference to my interesting-but-not-bestselling foray into self-publishing under the pen name of EK. Flowers by Kaz is a new blog, devoted to flowers, plants, gardens etc.


  2. Fantastic photos. My hubby just went “gulp” when he saw them. Only 5 weeks until we sail in the tall ships races on Lord Nelson. It will be his first tall ship voyage – I think I just turned him green looking at these!


      • Yes he will be my buddy, and like you I am hoping we get enough wind to sail in and not too much wind that puts us in a storm! It has been terrible here the last couple of days. Fingers crossed for fair weather and fair winds.


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