An envelope from Amazon

An envelope from Amazon

An envelope from Amazon

This week’s WPC theme is “enveloped”. I initially read it as en-vel-OPE’d (something in an envelope) rather than en-VEL-op’d (one thing wrapped/cocconed in another), and thought that envelopes were an odd thing to photograph.

An hour later, I opened my mailbox and found an envelope from Amazon. Amazon sends me only one thing that matters in an envelope: royalty cheques.

I’m of two minds about these cheques. On one hand, the amounts are laughably small: it takes me a year of lacklustre sales to scrape over the US$100 threshold for payment to kick in. On the other hand — these are the only payments I’ve ever received for work that is entirely my own. I didn’t sit at a desk from 9 to 5 doing work someone else has dictated I must do. The novels and stories are my ideas, my words, my efforts (with, of course, input from beta readers and my editor!).

So, although these cheques won’t change my life, an envelope from Amazon is nonetheless a welcome sight.

(Click here for info about my writings under the pen name of Elizabeth Krall.)

Royalty cheque from Amazon

Royalty cheque from Amazon


12 thoughts on “An envelope from Amazon

  1. My OH has never made any money out of writing and the US government managed to help themselves to a third for taxes even though he tried on several occasions to get it back. They just kept refusing the application, but no indication of why it was refused!! You have enough there for a lovely meal and bottle of the bubbly stuff, and if you ask nicely I will come and join you 😀


    • That’s a bugger about your OH. In my experience, the tax process was straightforward if cumbersome. I had to get a tax number from the IRS, then Amazon (and other distributors) take off the US tax for me. It would have been 30% (!) but they point you in the direction of which forms to fill out so that international tax treaties kick in, so now I pay 5%. I can see that, as in your OH’s case, it would be much harder to get back after it’s been paid!


      • The problem was with getting the tax number! And the publishers withheld the tax. We never did find out what was wrong.


      • No tax number. I told him he should go to the embassy in London, but he didn’t. He is very bad at following up on that sort of stuff and obviously I can’t do it for him! He worked through a publisher – he is a technical author. Too late now, but it does annoy me somewhat.


      • Well to be fair he did fill in the form twice and the second time I double checked it and he did have all the requirements including a letter from the publisher, so we have no idea why they returned it without issuing him a tax number as there is no explanation given, I think he just gave up! I did write it off on his UK tax return so it wasn’t entirely wasted.


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