Bench Series: Arty | Grand Canyon

Bench, south rim of the Grand Canyon.

Bench, south rim of the Grand Canyon.

I seem to have become infected with Jude’s enthusiasm for benches. On my recent holiday in Canada and the US, I found myself zeroing in on benches. “Ooh, that’s a cool bench!” I would think. Snap snap. For Jude’s June theme of “arty benches“, I’ve chosen a bench on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Above is the original; below are a selection of Photoshopped alternatives. Do you have a favourite?



21 thoughts on “Bench Series: Arty | Grand Canyon

  1. I don’t think you can go past your original shot, Karen, but I rather like the hue adjustment (I can never remember how to do that isolate colours trick) and the last one has a character all its own. 🙂


  2. Me, too. I am constantly finding myself drawn to benches,(and not just when I’m tired, lol) with the result that I have stacks of photos of them in all shapes and sizes. I even wrote a poem about a bench. 🙂


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