Carved in black and white

Carved anchor chain on a headstone, Waverley Cemetery.

Carved anchor chain on a headstone, Waverley Cemetery.

This could be a first for me: not only two posts in one day, but two collections of photographs taken during the same shoot. I was excited to see that Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week has the theme of Sculptures, Statues, Carvings. On a beautiful Sydney winter day (flawless blue sky, 15 degrees C) I headed off to Waverley Cemetery, which I know has a great collection of wonderfully weathered stone subjects. While sitting on a bench I realised I was staring at a vault door, and I remembered that the Weekly Photo Challenge is doors. (Click here to see the vault door post.)

Anyway, back to the Sculptures, Statues and Carvings …

The next photo was taken on a previous visit, but fits in well with this theme. I love the way the wings and the drapery seem to become one at the bottom. It’s the statue I described looking for in the post “In search of an angel“.

Angel and boy.

Angel and boy.


24 thoughts on “Carved in black and white

  1. Beautiful detail – black and white suits it. I’ve followed the links to all your cemetery posts – I find old graveyards fascinating and we have some splendid ones in Glasgow. There are also a lot of unexpected angels around the city – you just need to look up as you walk.


  2. As I said on the other post, this cemetery keeps on giving. I didn’t find this particular angel either on my visit, it is an absolute beauty. Glad you tracked him down – if I am ever in Sydney again I shall have to ask you for specific directions so I hope you made a note of where this is!


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