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A day with a master winemaker

The end result: a red wine called Vieux Chateau du Roi.

The end result: a red wine called Vieux Chateau du Roi.

While visiting my parents this May, I spent a day with my father making wine. To say that I helped would be a gross exaggeration, as Dad is an old hand at this. I mostly got in his way taking photos! The grape juice comes in a large (heavy!) box, along with a few other things. One distributor describes this red wine thus: “This popular French red wine is full-bodied yet surprisingly soft and quick to mature. Deep red and aggressive with complex flavours resulting from a blend of grape varieties which layer flavours and aromas of ripe fruit, berries, plum, spice oak.”

In the afternoon, we also made a batch of white wine. In the early evening, my parents and I moved onto the patio to enjoy cheese, fruit and a bottle of last year’s Vieux Chateau du Roi (the photo above). It was a good day. (WPC is looking for Mesh galleries, but I don’t have the Mesh app, nor indeed a smartphone, so I will approximate that gallery style with a slideshow. There are 11 photos and I suggest starting with 1, as the photos tell a story.)

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Here are a few other photos of Dad’s Wines:

20 thoughts on “A day with a master winemaker

  1. That sounds great! Not sure I’ve encountered an aggressive wine before though. I love reading these descriptions but I rarely recognise them when I drink the wine. I’ll never be an expert, will I?


  2. But this is marvellous ! One thing I need clarified, Kaz: are we saying that your Dad carries out the entire process ? – or that you take your grapejuice to … some place and they turn it into wine ?


  3. hello liz,
    it looks like ‘homemade’ wine, yes?
    didn’t know you can make wine in small quantities like this, like beer microbrewery.
    thanks for sharing.
    with a master winemaker as dad, i would be visiting him ever so often to sample the wares 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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