Random Fridays: Saxophone artwork, SFO

Saxophone artwork, San Francisco International airport.

Saxophone artwork, San Francisco International airport.

Airports are one of my least favourite places on earth. Whoever believes “Getting there is half the fun” has not spent 14 hours crammed into economy class, followed by more hours wandering in a bleary daze around an airport while waiting for another bout of economy purgatory on a connecting flight. So it’s a pleasant surprise to encounter something that gives a humanising touch to otherwise soulless international mega-airports. The butterfly enclosure at Singapore’s Changi airport is one such delight, as is the artwork installed at San Francisco airport. I love the wit and whimsy of this saxophone wall installation.



2 thoughts on “Random Fridays: Saxophone artwork, SFO

  1. Flying is torture! I much prefer to drive or even go by train, at least then you can see the countryside passing by and on a train, even go for a walk. Even driving allows you to stop when and where you like to stretch the legs or have a meal. But flying, unless no more than 3 hours, is like being tied to a chair and force-fed junk 😦


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