A food lover’s treat

Roasting coffee beans

Roasting coffee beans — the heat this machine generated was remarkable!

St Lawrence Market, Toronto.

The history of St Lawrence Market stretches back to 1803, when a weekly market day was officially established in the growing town of York (as Toronto was originally called). The market we see today was built in 1850. There are two buildings: North Market hosts antique stores and a Sunday market, and South Market has more food vendors in one place than I’ve seen in a while. Any food lover would find a treat here!

You’ll find olives …

… cheeses and mustards …

… fresh fruit and veg …

blueberries and raspberries

… seafood …

… sausages …


… and tempting baked goods.

The only difficulty is getting it all home again!


6 thoughts on “A food lover’s treat

  1. You know tempting is a sin, right? But really, this is just teasing! Having grown up in a city famous for its food market, I took it for granted up until I came to Las Vegas, where farmers market – that’s what they are called here – are a sad joke 😦 Now leave me to drool over your photos choking on nostalgia for the next couple days


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