Random Fridays: Pillows

Pillows and light

Pillows and light

I took this photo in a hotel room. In the dark room, the white pillows formed stark shapes when highlighted by a lamp mounted to a polished headboard.




Bench Series: Message (1)

Look very closely - can you see the message?

Look very closely – can you see the message?

November’s bench theme is messages. I took this photo as part of my Sculpture by the Sea collection (see the post here), and only when I looked at it on the larger screen of my laptop did I realise there is a small message plaque on the side. I’ve cropped the part of the photo and you can see the plaque in the feature image, but it’s a small part of a large photo so not very clear! This is what it says:

Marks Park – Sydney
Our little bench …
This place where Francisco proposed to Francisca on the 1st of October of 2009
Three years after Madelena was born in the same day (1st of October of 2012)
Love you …

Isn’t that lovely?

And if you’re curious, the sculpture behind the bench is “space time continuum v4” by Clayton Thompson.

To see what messages other bloggers have found on benches around the world, check out the Bench Series tag in your Reader.



Sculpture by the Sea 2015

dust - Norton Flavel

dust – Norton Flavel

The annual outdoor display of sculptures is on again in Sydney. With artworks dotted for 2km along the coast from Tamarama Beach to Bondi Beach, this free two-week event is hugely popular.


There are over 100 artworks on display — but don’t worry, I didn’t photograph every one. 😉

A few sculptures that caught my eye

ashes to ashes – Kim Perrier

bath – Vince Vozzo

bath - Vince Vozzo (detail)

bjf13 – Ben Fasham

city dreams – Gao Xiaowu

city dreams - Gao Xiaowu

fun! – Naidee Changmoh

fun!- - Naidee Changmoh

intervention – Mike Van Dam

intervention - Mike Van Dam

kakashi – Zilvinas Zempinas

kakashi - Zilvinas Zempinas

man on ball – Wang Shugang

listen time passes – Barbara Licha

listen time passes - Barbara Licha

tree spirit eggs – Mark Eliott

tree spirit eggs - Mark Eliott

undulation – Benjamin Storch

undulation - Benjamin Storch

quotidianity the brothers – Fabio Pietrantonio

quotidianity the brothers - Fabio Pietrantonio

These “sculptures” were created by Mother Nature — eroded sandstone.

A few other things that caught my eye

I deliberately took a day off work so I could avoid the crazy crowds on a weekend, but look at all the people on the path! I’ve put this post in my Strolls around Sydney category because, believe me, a strolling pace is as fast as it’s possible to move.

It’s important to stay hydrated and safe in the Sydney sun (when the sun actually shines, that is — it’s been very wet here for the past few days!). There was free water …

… and free sunscreen.

And someone has to keep the artworks looking clean!

Keeping it clean.

Keeping it clean.