Chinese New Year: Street Performers

Dragon dancer and head.

Dragon dancer and head.

I was in Chinatown last week, tracking down the last three of Sydney’s “lunar lanterns” in my quest to bag all 12. (I’ll post some photos of the lanterns soon.) I was lucky enough to come across some street performances as part of Chinese New Year celebrations.

The backdrop for these dancers is the Goat lunar lantern.

Dancers, Chinatown

Dancers, Chinatown

This woman was a wonderfully expressive dancer.

Other performers stood to the side, waiting their turn.

7 thoughts on “Chinese New Year: Street Performers

  1. Amanda says:

    Gorgeous colours, they look so vivid. You’re captured a series of very interesting facial expressions too. I’m struggling to see the goat lantern. Can I get a clue?


    • Yes, it would be a struggle to see a goat in there. 😉 The “lantern” is 3-4m tall, like a craggy mountain top with a number of goats clambering over it and those large flowers around the base. You can see the full lantern in another post this week. 🙂


  2. I love the vibrancy of these photos and the gorgeous costumes. I was fortunate to be in San Fran during the NY celebrations in 2010 – a great experience. You have captured the poise and happiness in the dancers so well.


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