Chinese New Year: Lunar Lanterns

The Monkey

As part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, the City of Sydney held an exhibition of “lunar lanterns” — 12 huge fabric constructions that were lit up at night, one for each of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. This being the year of the monkey, I’ve kicked off with that lantern.

The Dog

Love those fringed ears!

The Dragon

I admit it, I was too lazy to walk around Circular Quay to get a close-up of the Dragon, so these were taken at my camera’s maximum zoom from a bar the Opera House.

The Pig

The Rooster and the Rat

The Ox and the the Tiger

The Horse

The Goat

The Snake

The Rabbit

I saved this one for the last, and have a number of photos, because it was my favourite. When I first saw these dozens of larger-than-human-size rabbits, I thought, “Wow, line-dancing rabbits, that is so … weird.” Of course, they are doing tai-chi, not line dancing, which makes it all so much less weird. Sort of. 😉

The Rabbit, Customs House

The Rabbit, Customs House

Looking down from a balcony on Customs House

Looking down from a balcony on Customs House

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