Sailing by Numbers

Tenacious bell. Ship launched in 2000.

Tenacious bell. Ship launched in 2000.

Tomorrow (2016-06-05) I fly to Fiji to join voyage 461 of the tall ship Tenacious (which starts on 2016-06-08). It will be voyage 15 for me on the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s 2 ships.

Tenacious. JST ship 002.

Tenacious. JST ship 002. I must admit that I laughed when the first time I saw this 3-digit optimism, and the massive fleet of tall ships it conjured up!

In 2005, Tenacious graced a 60 cent stamp of the Republic of Ireland (Eire).

60 cent Irish stamp, 2005

60 cent Irish stamp, 2005

I have a particular fondness for this ship because I helped to build her. When the Jubilee Sailing Trust set out to build a second tall ship in the 1990s, they approached its construction the same way they approach the sailing of a ship: a mix of skilled professionals and unskilled lay-people, a mix of able-bodied and physically-disabled people.

The keel of as-yet-unnamed ship was laid by HRH the Duke of York in a ceremony on 1996-07-06. In 2000-09, the JST’s new ship, now proudly named Tenacious, set off on her maiden voyage.

Tenacious leaving her home port of Southampton, 2000-09.

Tenacious leaving her home port of Southampton on her first official voyage, 2000-09.

Need more numbers? Tenacious is 65m/213ft3in long (including bowsprit), has a beam of 10.5m/34ft6in, displaces 714tonnes, and has a sail area of 1200m2/12,920sq ft. The masthead is 38m/124ft8in above the deck.

To put those measurements into perspective, here she is in Horta (the Azores) in 2006-04, on voyage 156, dwarfing the yachts and pleasure boats beside her.

Tenacious in Horta, 2006

Tenacious in Horta, 2006



5 thoughts on “Sailing by Numbers

  1. What’s under her? I’ve never sailed a tall ship. I can barely hoist halyards on a 43 foot boat I cannot imagine a tall ship..but that is what windlasses are for??

    Great photos. Fair winds and following seas!


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