Fountains: Sydney Whatever – the El Alamein fountain


November’s theme for Poli’s Fountain Challenge is “typical of your region” — and, getting ahead of the chronology, next month’s theme is “whatever”. I cannot think of anything that typifies the fountains of Sydney / New South Wales / Australia, but at this point I still have 7 cool fountains from Sydney to share. So, I am cheekily combining November and December into my own theme of Sydney Whatever. Sorry, Poli!

Let’s kick things off with a doozie. This is the El Alamein fountain, found in the King’s Cross area of Sydney. Here we are peering deep into the middle. This white water frenzy is quite a contrast to the individual droplets around the two spouts in the feature photo at top.

Here, three wider shots — and one pigeon.

And some history. I find it amazing that at one point this small square was the focal point of Sydney’s New Year’s Eve revels. All I can say is that the vast majority of Sydneysiders must have stayed at home.



7 thoughts on “Fountains: Sydney Whatever – the El Alamein fountain

  1. Hi Kaz – How about this – the fountain is a tribute to the Australian troops in Egypt. The design of the fountain was chosen to show the strength, consistency and energy the Australian troops put into the battle, incessant, relentless and holistic to cover all bases….I love making this stuff up when I should be doing other stuff.
    Happy fountaining and thanks for doing a whatever fountain 🙂 Poli


      • Hi Kaz – you are too charming – hope I made you smile! Nope not a marketeer, although aren’t we all these days . pretty much whatever we do. As an Italian said to me when I commented on her pink shoes and pink wheely bag for the plane – I am my own brand 🙂 she was (I don’t have the energy) POli

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  2. What a fabulous dandelion fountain! And one in Vancouver too! Never saw either 😦 but I shall look forwards to your next six Sydney fountains – it appears Australia does have some beauties 🙂


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