Defunct fountains: Fiji

Defunct fountain in Thurston Gardens, Suva Fiji

Only the legs are left!

In Suva (the capital of Fiji), there is a lovely garden named in honour of Sir John Bates Thurston, governor between February 1888 and March 1897. While the lawns, trees and plants are well looked after, the monuments and fountains have had a tougher time. This fountain must have been very impressive when it was new and the basin was full of water. I can imagine children running through the water on a hot day, splashing each other and laughing with glee.

Defunct fountain in Thurston Gardens, Suva Fiji

Defunct, decrepit, destroyed …


8 thoughts on “Defunct fountains: Fiji

  1. defunct, decrepit, destroyed – devastating – it’s still an impressive site and sight, I can imagine it must have been wonderful when it was functional. Bright day in Fiji, I’ve never been, does it need to go on my bucket list?


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