Final fountain: my lobby

Full view of the fountain in the lobby

Full view of the fountain in the lobby

For my final contribution to Poli’s fountain challenge, I’m going with a fountain very close to home — in the lobby of my building! It’s a shame there’s no water in it, and it irks me that only one spotlight is working.

Zoom on the woman

Zoom on the woman

What the heck is this thing?? A bat? An evil fish?

What the heck is this thing?? A bat? An evil fish? Clearly they originally had water jetting from their mouths.

January’s fountain theme is defunct. I’d like to say a big “thank you” to Polianthus for hosting this challenge for the past year.


14 thoughts on “Final fountain: my lobby

  1. Hi Kaz – wow what a lobby! Amazing. I too will have a look at the building. It does look very nice indeed from what I can see. Love the fish head spouts on your fountain, does your fountain ever have water in it? Today is the last day of the fountain challenge, I got my end of the month wrong, so much going on :)! I will do a summary next week or the week after. Anyhow, THANK you for sharing your fountains, so many memorable ones, the Archibald fountain, the dandelion fountain, the fountain showing the journey of immigrants from the Northern to the Southern Hemispheres, Fiji, I think those were all yours, the Steam (boat?) fountain, loved them. thanks for sharing. It’s been so much fun getting to know you a little. Happy blogging Poli


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