Roof curves at Bondi

Arched roof feature, North Bondi

Arched roof feature, North Bondi

The first flush of building along the beachfront at Bondi and in the streets behind took place in the inter-war years of 1914 to 1940. As such, the area features a blend of architecture styles that, at the time, were new and exciting: Art Deco, Functionalist, Arts and Crafts, Free Classical and Stripped Classical, and Spanish Mission. I don’t know what style defines this apartment building beside the bus terminus in North Bondi, but the graceful, simple arches that decorate the roof make me suspect it’s Functionalist.

(“The Inter-War Functionalist style was influenced by modern European architecture and typically has an asymmetrical massing of simple geometric shapes, clean lines, and dissociation from styles of the past.” source) If you know your architecture styles, please let me know if I’m right!

In the next couple of weeks I’ll publish a longer post focusing on many interesting features of the buildings along the beachfront.

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