The green depths of a Mojito

Green mint and green lime in a mojito

Green mint and green lime in a Mojito

I’m not sure that it is easy being green, but it was easy to drink this Mojito from the Pavilion Pool and bar on Queen Mary 2. Some people will be surprised to learn that I don’t live on champagne alone!

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9 thoughts on “The green depths of a Mojito

  1. I might have known you’d manage to sneak a drink in! I don’t actually like mojitos they remind me of pond water (all that squished up mint floating around), so I shall stick to champagne – maybe add a drop of colouring?? 😕


  2. No creme de menthe? I’ve never had a mojito that actually tasted of anything much, but perhaps I should try one from a bar rather let drunk friends make them.


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