The fleeting glory of a sunset

Transient sunset beauty

Last night’s sunset was stunning, with wisps of pink cloud burning bright in the sun’s dying rays, and a deep blue sky. Would we be so taken with sunsets (and sunrises) if their beauty were not so transient?


Random Fridays: I’m glad they’re small!

These blue crabs look pretty scary, but they’re only about the size of the end of my finger. I didn’t even spot them initially while walking along mud flats at Ettalong at low tide — it was the plop-plop-plop of millions of tiny feet that caught my attention. The more I looked, the more I was astonished. There were hundreds of thousands of these things! For those of you of a scientific bent, they are Mictyris longicarpus (light-blue soldier crab) I think.

As the heading says, I’m glad they are small. And not looking for a fight!

The next two shots give an idea of the numbers. Prolific? Oh yes!



Random Fridays: Prism

This faceted globe of glass looks unassuming, but put in the path of sunlight and it takes on a whole new life. It throws rainbow shapes around the room (as in the feature image), and if I spin the globe I have my own private disco as the colours go whirling around.

As you can imagine, it was difficult to focus on these rays of coloured light. I quite like the “smeared” results, though!