Square Sky 17: Bondi sunrise

A new day dawns.

I’ve lived at Bondi Beach for 6 years in total, and this is the first sunrise I’ve seen there. I do sometimes wake up long before the sky begins to lighten and am unable to go back to sleep (I hate that!), and I often think I should get up and go down to the beach and watch the sunrise, but I never do. Today, though, I couldn’t help thinking it would make a good entry for Becky’s Square Sky challenge. It was actually quite lovely on the beach at 5am — only a handful of people (including this young man doing his “greet the morning” routine) and colour seeping into the sky. When I left at 6am, the sun was well up and there were hundreds of people, exercising and running and swimming and surfing.

But to be honest, I would have preferred to still be asleep.

Photo taken at 5:18am, 19 December, Bondi.

Square Sky December

Bondi photos

20 thoughts on “Square Sky 17: Bondi sunrise

  1. This is lovely Kaz. Like you I often think about getting up and going out to capture a sunrise, but turn over and go back to sleep. Not much of an excuse at the moment though as sunrise is after 8 am.

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    • Everything’s fine, thank you. Just didn’t sleep well Monday night, but no problem Tuesday night (or usually). But now I’m wondering what the sunrises are like on other days … 😉 My building is on the road that fronts that beach but I face the back, so can’t see it from my unit.

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