Square Sky 29: Happy New Year!

Let’s end the Square Sky December challenge with a bang, not a whimper. Fireworks for New Year’s Eve! (I’m sure other people will have the same idea.)

Huge thanks are due to Becky for organising and hosting this challenge. I found it “challenging” enough to source and schedule my own photos, I can’t imagine also visiting and linking to everyone else’s!

Here is a recap of all my Square Sky photos. It includes some bonus ones that I uploaded but didn’t post, included here to make the columns even.

9 thoughts on “Square Sky 29: Happy New Year!

  1. That is one splendiferous firework sky. Why didn’t I think of that? OK I don’t actually have a firework photo from Cornwall and I have only been showing Cornish skies. Maybe if it isn’t raining tomorrow night I’ll walk up the lane and see if there are any going off somewhere. It will be too dark to climb the hill, but I imagine that’s the best spot for a firework view. Love the gallery too – I have done similar and guess we won’t be the only ones!
    Happy 2018 Kaz. Here’s hoping it is a good one 😀

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  2. oh wow this is fabulous Kaz, thank you so so much for taking part and also for such amazing photographs. These are wonderful . . .

    Enjoy the celebrations – guessing they start in just a few hours for you.

    And wishing you a very Happy 2018.

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    • I always avoid the celebrations, actually. I love the Sydney fireworks but getting home again is a nightmare (no public transport in the immediate area due to the huge crowds) and Bondi Beach (where I live) is just one giant party from the afternoon until dawn of New Year’s Day. I always go away, to somewhere I reckon will be quiet. 🙂
      All the best for 2018 to you! And more square challenges coming up?

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      • Sounds a very sensible thing to do!

        And yes more Squares planned for either Feb or March, haven’t quite decided what the content will be yet but will give at least a week’s notice for everyone 🙂


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