WPC Favourites

So, the WordPress powers-that-be are shutting down the Weekly Photo Challenge, and for the final instalment we are invited to share our favourite photo. I can’t possibly choose one from among my thousands of photos, so I’ve gone for a collection of faves from my own Weekly Photo Challenge posts (my first was in August 2013). I’d actually forgotten about a lot of the photos I’ve posted over the years!

Like many other WordPress bloggers whose comments I’ve read, I can’t understand why the WPC is ending. It’s been a successful vehicle for fostering engagement and sharing, and I’ve met many talented and interesting people around the world via it. To close the WPC will surely make us all a bit more insular. The official explanation — “we’ll be focusing our attention on other projects that help remain the best place on the web to publish, build an audience, and find a community” — rather interestingly ignores the fact that the Weekly Photo Challenge DOES (whoops, DID!) build audiences and communities.

It was fun while it lasted.

7 thoughts on “WPC Favourites

  1. Makes you wonder on what they will be focusing. I liked dipping in to the challenge to see what other people (those I don’t follow) came up with. As you say, it was an opportunity to meet new people and discover new blogs.Oh, well, they say change is as good as a rest. Although in my experience that isn’t always the case.


  2. Nice today to see this post of yours–it’s clear you appreciated those photo challenges. Your photos are impressive. Like you, I started about 2013 with the photography I did.


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