June Roof: Patterns in tiles

Museum of Military History, Budapest (I think).

Museum of Military History (Maybe. Possibly.) in Budapest (Definitely).

I’m a bit vague about what this building is. My photo is named “rooftops castle.jpg”, very helpful (not!), but when I tried to confirm online that it is the castle, well, it looks nothing like the castle! Then I added “roof” to my search and countless images of the St Matthias church and its amazing tiling appeared — but, sadly, they don’t match this tile pattern (and you’ll notice there are no crosses at the top of this building). But it does seem to match the Museum of Military History.
All I can say for certain is that this is a building in Budapest and it has an amazing roof.
@Becky, this is like your quest to identify the Greenwich Foot Tunnel!

June Squares: Roof If you have a photo (or two!) of a roof, join in!

June Roof: English Thatch

Thatched perfection

No errant twigs or protruding bits of wire on this roof! This is the building now known as Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and is the childhood home of the woman who married William Shakespeare.

June Squares: Roof If you have a photo (or two!) of a roof, join in!


WPC Favourites

So, the WordPress powers-that-be are shutting down the Weekly Photo Challenge, and for the final instalment we are invited to share our favourite photo. I can’t possibly choose one from among my thousands of photos, so I’ve gone for a collection of faves from my own Weekly Photo Challenge posts (my first was in August 2013). I’d actually forgotten about a lot of the photos I’ve posted over the years!

Like many other WordPress bloggers whose comments I’ve read, I can’t understand why the WPC is ending. It’s been a successful vehicle for fostering engagement and sharing, and I’ve met many talented and interesting people around the world via it. To close the WPC will surely make us all a bit more insular. The official explanation — “we’ll be focusing our attention on other projects that help WordPress.com remain the best place on the web to publish, build an audience, and find a community” — rather interestingly ignores the fact that the Weekly Photo Challenge DOES (whoops, DID!) build audiences and communities.

It was fun while it lasted.